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Chairwomens report 2008 to 2009

Chairwoman's Annual Report 2009/10

Erewash Borough Council's Annual Report (Cllr. E. Knight & Cllr. A. Summerfield) 2009/10

Derbyshire County Council's Annual Report (Cllr. C. Hart) 2009/10

2009 Minutes

Minutes of January 2009

March Agenda 2009

Mintues of March 2009

Mintues of April 2009

Mintues of the Annual Meeting and the Parish Council Meeting May 2009

Mintues of June 2009

Minutes of July 2009

Minutes of September 2009

Minutes of October 2009

Minutes of November 2009

Minutes of December 2009

2010 Minutes

Minutes of January 2010

Mintues of February 2010

Minutes of March 2010

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting March 2010

Minutes of April 2010

Minutes of May 2010

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting June 2010

Minutes of June 2010

Minutes of July 2010

Minutes of September 2010

Minutes of October 2010

Minutes of November 2010

2011 Minutes

Agenda January 2011

Minutes of January 2011

Agenda Feburary 2011

Minutes of Feburary 2011

Agenda March 2011

Minutes of March 2011

Agenda April 2011

Minutes of April 2011

Agenda May 2011

Minutes of May 2011

Agenda June 2011

Minutes of June 2011

Agenda July 2011

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2011 (May 2011 meeting)

Minutes of July 2011

Agenda September 2011

Minutes of September 2011

Agenda October 2011

Minutes of October 2011

Agenda November 2011

Minutes November 2011

Agenda December 2011

2012 Minutes

Agenda January 2012

Minutes of January 2012

Agenda February 2012

Minutes of February 2012

Agenda March 2012

Minutes of March 2012

Agenda April 2012

Minutes of April 2012

Agenda Annual May 2012

Agenda May 2012

Minutes of May 2012

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2012

Agenda June 2012

Minutes June 2012

Agenda July 2012

Minutes July 2012

Agenda September 2012

Minutes September 2012

Agenda October 2012

Minutes October 2012

Agenda November 2012

Minutes November 2012

Agenda December 2012

Minutes December 2012

Council Info

The next meeting of Morley Parish Council will be held on Thursday, 27 April at The Retreat, Church Lane, Morley at 7.30 pm. It will be followed by an open meeting to plan the Morley Gala. Everyone welcome. Future meetings will be held on the fourth Thursday of each month, except December.








Neighbourhood Watch

Our Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator administers an email service, passing on information to those who register their email address with him.

Your email address does not appear on bulletins to ensure your confidentiality is maintained.


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