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From John Green - Church Lane.

Wildflower Site - Update March 2017

Spring is very near and our friends at Broomfield have cut back the brambles to under the hedge and reseeded the verge with clay loving wildflowers. We hope they will grow and give us a good show in the summer. The site did not have a particularly good season last year and hopes are high for some improvement this time. If anyone has any ideas to improve the site please let me know. The experts at Broomfield are fairly confident that we should have a good show, all we can do is wait and see.



The photos here are typical butterflies seen on our wildlife verge. They nectar and use the plants for breeding. Thistles being especially liked.
Site History  
Getting ready to start Sept 2016 Brush Cutting
Sorting the "Jungle"  The sun shines for us. Sept 2016
Getting the seed ready for sowing Raking and sowing the "top up" seed

Wildflower Verge being sprayed Topsoil removal 24th Feb 2015

Ditch clearing

Soil removal
Depth of topsoil removed First earth moves
Countryside Students arrive 5th March
Trouble starting the Rotovator
Setting out what needs doing Underway at last
Raking level after the Rotovator Well underway ready for sowing the seed
Setting the post for the interpretation sign The finished sign
Site as at 20/05/2015 Thistle growth
Bramble growth After Clearing note grass at edge
Site at 15th June 2015. Site at 3rd July 2015
Starting to flower Some of the Annuals
Close up of Flowers in July Close up of Flowers in July
August 20th Verge starting to die back The bees think it's great!!!
The Site on September 28th 2015 The Bramble Problem!!!
Mark spraying to remove bramble  
Broomfield students ready for off! Starting the cut
Site in mid October after strimming The brambles still growing!!
The bramble problem 20th Nov 2015 Broomfield starts removing the bramble 12/2015
Using the sythe More modern equipment!
Flower site 25-07-2016 Flower site 25-07-2016


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